Veronika Schram was in Tanzania from end of July until mid August and achieved or initiated the following:

  • A doctor was found who will train teachers and students about HIV as well as other diseases.
  • The renovation of a completely worn down class room is organised and initiated – it is supposed to become a classroom for preschoolers and year one students. The following actions were taken:
  1. New windows as well as new doors made of metal
  2. New flooring and plastering the walls
  3. Installation of a lockable, safe cupboard
  4. Painting from the inside and outside
  5. Drawing of the ABC with an according picture per letter as well as drawing of number 1-10 with an according picture per number on the wall by an artist
  • The renovation started early August and is to be completed (as of the end of September) except for the work of the artist.
  • A projector, a recorder and loudspeakers were purchased. Using these devices the school can earn some money to provide for food and meals for the students as well as to be able to purchase school and teaching material.
  • The first training of teachers on HIV and other diseases by Dr. Vinsent Teti took place in early September.
  • The training of the students of grade 4-7 by the doctor took place mid September.
  • A secure bank account was set-up in September. Money can only be withdrawn from the account if there is a clear purpose to which the money is assigned and the transaction is authorized by one of the account holders.
  • 3 teachers will be taking part in a training on football, handball, basketball and netball. According expenses are generally covered by Center of Hope for Dakawa e.V., but each teacher has to bear 10 percent of the training costs her-/himself.
  • A current generator was purchased to be able to work with the projector during power blackouts.





The water well construction was finished by the end of January.

At the general meeting in February the separation from our partner organisation , Dakawa Makole Hope Organization` was decided.
Mr Urio agreed to a meeting in Tanzania to execute the separation, with the meeting supposed to take place in October. This meeting never took place and instead underlined the intent to separate from the former partner organization.
Veronika Schram (1. Chairman of the Executive Board) and George Mpagaze (2. Chairman of the Executive Board) used their time in Tanzania instead to investigate other projects of schools and orphanages, for example a center for albino and the handicapped.
It was certain that we wanted to further support and collaborate with the Dakawa Primary School.




Veronika Schraum was in Tanzania for 5 months. She brought school material along for the primary school based there. 3 students from Berlin and members of Center of Hope for Dakawa e.V. spent their summer holidays in Dakawa and jointly renovated a room that now serves as the school library.
Based on many conversations with the headmaster it was decided to intensify the cooperation.
HIV is a serious issue not only at this school but also in Dakawa in general. Center of Hope for Dakawa e.V. aims to cooperate closely with the school concerning this matter.
At the end of these five months the water well construction commenced on the land purchased earlier.
150 small trees were purchased; shade trees as well as fruit trees.
Communication with our partner organisation ‚Dakawa Makole Hope Organisation’ is challenging.





Family Urio provides land for sale (approximately 30 Acres) for the planned school project and agriculture. The land can be paid by the piece while the land may already be used completely.
When we searched for an architect and received his plans, we all agreed on having local people from Dakawa do the job.
First purchase of land and land consolidation financed by donations, executed by Tanzanian organization, Dakawa Makole Hope Organisation’
First contact to Primary School in Dakawa established. Many conversations took place and underlined the intent to work together intensively, to build trust of the local population while at the same time gaining insights into the people’s everyday life and school routines.





2011, Founded partner organization KITUO CHA TUMAINI-DAKAWA
2011, Presentation of planned project at supervisory school authority, Mvomero Distikt Office Morogoro Tansania
On 2/11/2011 the Tanzanian organization (NGO) DAKAWA MAKOLE HOPE ORGANISATION became a registered non-profit organization (Reg. No 00NGO/00004913), under the direction of Anael Urio.